Our team members come from all different backgrounds of technology, healthcare, and more, working together to move forward this vision for a more equitable and effective healthcare experience


Ijaz Arif

CEO and Chairman

Dr. Arshad Ali

President and Chief Medical Officer

Abdul Rahim Khatri

Chief Technology Officer

Stacie Crain

Director of Telehealth Services

Zeeshan Hafeez

Chief Revenue Officer

Mujahid Malik

Chief Financial Officer

Aylin Zafar

Director of Marketing

Dr. Shaji Skaria

Vice President of Clinical Solutions and Revenue Cycle Management

Dr. Khursheed Haider

Vice President of Clinical Operations

Danielle DenBleyker

Business Development Manager

Junaid Qazi

General Manager, MENA/MIA Region

Sarmad Faraz

Chief Marketing Officer

Edward Leer

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Dr. Anwarul Haq

VP Neurology
Dr. Hites Patel (VP Emergency-Urgent Care)

Dr. Hites Patel

VP Emergency/Urgent Care

Kevin Leal

Director, Global Alliances & Partnerships

Sancha Spiller

Account Executive

Nicole Ali

Telehealth Coordinator

Nabeel Saleem

Director of Product and Program Management

Stacy Jones

Telehealth Coordinator

Peter Hannigan

Field Sales Representative

Dipa Banerjee

Revenue Cycle Specialist

Andrew Batman

Business Development Manager

Stacie Hubbard

Telehealth Coordinator

David McClain

Senior Implementation Engineer

Miri Eguchi

Marketing Intern

Peter Strecker

Business Development Manager

Julian Graham

Account Executive

Cayden Orred

Field Sales Representative

Muazz Saeed

Graphic Designer

John Torson

Business Development Manager

Ryan F. Jeffcoat

Account Executive

Zahid Riaz

QA Lead - Software Engineer II

Muhammad Sami

Software & Data Science Engineer

Tamoor Malik

Financial Analyst
Talha Mahmood

Talha Mahmood

VP of Business Development, MENA region

Ismaeel Sheriff

Systems Engineer

Moawwiz Ahmed

Software Engineer II

Moaz Razzack

Information Security Analyst

Ahmed Siddiqui

Systems Engineer

Abdul Rehman

Software Engineer II

Keith Washington

Manager of Revenue Cycle Management

Kamal Goulbourne

Marketing Intern
Halide Porras (TeleHealth coordinator for psychiatry)

Halide Porras

TeleHealth Coordinator for Psychiatry

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