Telepulmonary specialists utilize VeeMed’s cloud-based Pulmonary Information System to interpret PACs, spirometry, and SPO2 feed monitors. By reviewing pulmonary function, desaturation, and sleep studies, they can develop or review timely patient treatment plans.

Telepulmonologists bring their
expertise to the clinical or
hospital setting by remotely
examining patients and working
in concert with on-site team
members to deliver care.


Research has found…


“Telepulmonology provides a way to support the GPs in interpreting spirometry results, diagnosing patients and making decisions on the treatment of patients. GPs using telepulmonology experience an educational effect and they or their patients feel aided by the answer of the pulmonologist. Telepulmonology also ensures GPs physically refer the right patients to the pulmonologists. Additionally, the results show that telepulmonology, by improving the communication between GP and pulmonologist, prevents unnecessary physical referrals.”

Thijssing, L. et al. (2014). Telepulmonology: Effect on quality and efficiency of care. Respiratory Medicine, 108(2), 314-318.

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